Mexico is a large, diverse country with an exceptional economy. You may be thinking about investing in this country in different ways. By asking what does Mexico produce and learning about Mexico major trading partners, you can better decide how to invest your funds now and in the coming years.

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What Does Mexico Produce?

You may be wondering what does Mexico produce with its natural resources and skilled labor. There are many manufactured products made in Mexico.

  • Vehicles and electrical machinery or equipment are the country’s top two exports.
  • Computers, Televisions, optical and medical equipment, furnishings, lighting and plastic goods also rank high on the list of exports.

Manufactured goods are not the only products that are available from Mexico. The country also produces products from its vast range of natural resources. This is one of the larger countries in the world, so you can rightfully assume that it produces many natural products. These products include:

  • Oil and other mineral fuels, gems, and precious metals, fruits and vegetables.

Top agricultural products produced by Mexico include tomatoes, avocados, nuts, lemons, watermelons, strawberries and other products that grow well in this country’s largely arid and warm climate.

What Countries Does Mexico Trade With?

After you ask what does Mexico produce, you may want to know who the country primarily trades with. After all, the consumers demanding the products may be an important part of your investment decision.

More than 83 percent of the country’s exports went to Canada and the United States. This is largely because of the weight of the NAFTA agreement in place. European countries, Latin American countries, Caribbean countries and Asian countries each received five percent or less of Mexico’s exports.

Now that you have learned what Mexico offers from an economic perspective, you can make better investment decisions.

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