Are you looking to take a tropical vacation to Mexico but want to skip the Americanized experience? Cities like Cabo San Lucas and Cancun are great fun, but these destinations are also overrun with international tourists. That brings an influx of dollars and infrastructure, but it also balloons prices and makes it feel more like a beach somewhere in South Beach instead of Mexico. Instead, if you're going to head off to Mexico for a beach vacation, wouldn't you much rather it feel like an actual Mexican vacation? If so, that's exactly what Puerto Vallarta Mexico offers you. This breathtaking tropical escape gives you not only the Pacific Ocean paradise you've been searching for, but it's also a popular Mexican vacation spot, which gives it the cultural impact you're likely looking for. 

Puerto Vallarta Mexico | Escape To Paradise

Puerto Vallarta is located along the eastern edge of Mexico, in the state of Jalisco. If you've ever seen a beer called Estrella Jalisco, this Mexican beer comes from the same state (it is actually older than Corona and Modelo, although it's just now making it's way to the United States).

The capital of Jalisco is Guadalajara, which is due east of Puerto Vallarta Mexico. This tropical city differs from what you'll find in the other beach destinations around Mexico. Puerto Vallarta has calmer water as it is found on a subtle inlet, This also helps improve the water temperature and saves it from harsh waves. Puerto Vallarta is an almost perfect beach destination year round and it is just a stone's throw away from some culturally significant locations.

Weather In Puerto Vallarta Mexico


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The temperature is warmer here than in Cabo San Lucas due to its location close to the equator (Cabo San Lucas is also located on the southern tip of a peninsula, which helps provide a cross-water breeze). The average daily temperature throughout the year ranges from the lower 70s to the lower 80s, although the average high for the summer months is in the lower 90s.

You are more likely to find rain during the summer months between June and October. September is the wettest month of the year, seeing almost 15 inches of rain on average. This is due to the end of the hurricane season, which brings heavy amounts of rain. However, you are more likely to visit Puerto Vallarta Mexico during your own winter months, such as December through February. During these months you will see on average no more than two days of rain, and the average high temperature is around 83, making it the perfect beach weather to get outside and enjoy the sun.

The Friendliest City In The World

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When choosing among beach destinations in Mexico (or in other areas around the world), why not go with a destination once called "The Friendliest City in the World"? Puerto Vallarta Mexico remains an especially popular tourist destination, and while Cancun and Cabo San Lucas receive the majority of American and International tourists, Puerto Vallarta sees a major influx from the large cities in Mexico.

The number of regional and national tourists help keep the city inexpensive compared to other beach resort destinations. While you will spend more for some services than you would further inland, it's substantially cheaper than the internationally visited beach resorts.

In many ways, Puerto Vallarto has become the modern day Acapulco. For years, Acapulco served as the major beach destination for residents of Mexico City and Guadalajara. Much of this has shifted to Puerto Vallarta in recent years, though, due to a number of sociological and economic factors. This has helped increase the popularity of the city and boost amenities without expanding on the price point.

Why Choose Puerto Vallarta?

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There are several reasons you should choose Puerto Vallarta as your beach destination in Mexico instead of some other more recognizable locations. You will see this area has just as much to offer and often at a fraction of the price.


Plainly put, Puerto Vallarta Mexico is not as expensive as Cancun and Cabo San Lucas. International tourists, especially many from the United States, go to cities such as Cancun. These tourists will spend more money and, because of this, restaurants, hotels, and other service providers increase prices. While Mexican residents vacation in these locations, they are more likely to go elsewhere, due to the higher prices. Puerto Vallarta is a vacation destination for Mexican residents.

As the cost of living in Mexico is less than what it is in the United States, Mexican residents will not spend as much money. Due to this, Puerto Vallarta must keep its prices lower in order to bring national tourists in. This keeps it less expensive for you on your visit. Even if the price of your flight is more expensive, you'll save more in total on hotels, food, and other services.


When you go to other beach towns in Mexico, you're more or less stuck there. Cancun has some ancient ruins to check out, but in many parts of Mexico, you're never all that far from ruins. However, in these other beach towns you are far away from a large city. Guadalajara gives you everything you need in a big city while being just a stone's throw away from the beach. You can rent a car and drive yourself into town, or you can hop on a bus. There are also plenty of resorts that offer day trips into the city (or extended weekend trips).

If you're interested in breaking up your holiday and taking in different locations without just staying around the beach the entire time, this is one option to consider, and Puerto Vallarta Mexico gives you this option.

LGBT Friendly

There is a large LGBT community here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. There is even an LGBT portion of beach found at the Playa de Los Muertos. It is one of the most welcoming communities in all of Mexico and has received the tagline of the "San Francisco of Mexico." There are several gay bars, specifically on the southern side of the city. It is even the top gay beach destination in all of Latin America.

Easy Access

You will not find the same influx of flights into Puerto Vallarta Mexico as you will to Cancun and Cabo San Lucas. That doesn't mean it's difficult to fly into. There is an international airport within the city that services several commercial airlines, including Delta, American Airlines, Air Canada, and United Airlines. You can either fly directly into Puerto Vallarta, or you can fly into Guadalajara for less and either fly one of the smaller planes into town or book space on one of the many buses. There are also several cruise liners that make port in Puerto Vallarta

What Are The Top Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta?

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The beach is naturally the top attraction in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. However, there is so much more to do than to just take in the beach. While visiting, make sure to check off these different spots and activities.

Church Of Our Lady Guadalupe

This is one of the most important churches in the region. Catholicism is important in Mexico, and while the Spanish originally spread Catholicism throughout the country, citizens in what is modern-day Mexico also have some important Catholic figures from their own history, including saints like St. Juan Diego and the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Whether you are religious or not, the Church of Our Lady Guadalupe is a beautiful piece of architecture.

The Malecon

This is a beautiful walkway that stretches for several miles around the seashore in Col. Centro. It was rebuilt 15 years ago and features a wide range of sculptures overlooking the water. It is at its peak during the weekends (especially Sunday), so if you want to avoid the crowds go during the week.

Public Markets

Whether you're hunting for a souvenir or you want some street food, there are several public markets you need to check out. Don't worry if you don't speak Spanish. It's easy enough to barter, even when the two of you are speaking different languages (it helps make it more interesting as well). Many vendors speak English while others will write out bartering numbers you can haggle over.

Mercado Municipal Cuale and Mercado Isle Cuale are two of the most popular and largest public markets in the region although there are others. You never know what you might happen upon when you're taking a stroll through town. And that's half the fun.


Mexico has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. While Cabo San Lucas and Cancun receive the most international attention, that is perfectly fine by those who enjoy Puerto Vallarta. As a less expensive yet just as beautiful destination, the city has maintained its charm by catering mostly to national visitors. This keeps the cost down and the culture up. If you're interested in experiencing Mexican culture in a tropical setting, Puerto Vallarta Mexico is the destination for you. 

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