The city of Puebla Mexico is located just east of Mexico City. With the Atoyac River running directly to the south of the city there are several reasons you should consider doing business in Puebla Mexico. Conducting business in Mexico has several perks, with each city offering you something unique and exciting. If you're looking at doing business in Mexico and want the perfect spot to open up shop, the city of Puebla Mexico is well worth your consideration. 

Puebla Mexico | Open for Business

Puebla Mexico

The city of Puebla Mexico is open for business. Whether you're running an Internet company or you want to expand manufacturing production into Mexico, there are several benefits associated with setting up shop here. If you're lifting up your company's roots and setting them down in a foreign land you need to enjoy where you're moving to as well. Thankfully, in Puebla Mexico there's always something to see and a new business opportunity to take advantage of.

The city of Puebla Mexico used to be a major agriculture destination as it would produce crops for residents of Mexico City (and for the beach towns to the east). However, agriculture has shifted to other regions of the country so it is no longer as used as it had been in decades past.

Currently, manufacturing makes up around 80 percent of the entire economy within Puebla Mexico. The majority of businesses are found on the outside of town, as the city expanded and brought in new companies. Following the creation of the North American Free Trade Agreement in the early 1990s, an influx of manufacturing plants went up along the northern border in Mexico. However, companies found it less expensive to shift operations further south to areas such as Puebla Mexico. Most manufacturing is focused on the production of metals, textiles, and electronics.

You do not need to have a manufacturing business to open up shop. However, if you go this route, do know there are manufacturing parks that make it easier to move into and be up and running, although each manufacturing park typically has its own guidelines and regulations you need to follow (some also peg employee payments to similar amounts so workers do not jump ship from one plant to the next).

Why Should You Consider Doing Business in Puebla?

There are a number of benefits your business can take advantage of if it moves to Puebla Mexico. Now, with so many areas around Mexico you can move your company to it is important to weigh these benefits against the benefits of other regions to determine whether this is the right destination for you or not.

1. Cost


Probably the biggest reason you should come here is the cost. The cost of living and production cost in Mexico is far less than what you would pay in the United States. Furthermore, there are regions within Mexico that pay less than others. The central area of Mexico is one of the most business-friendly areas in all of Mexico. This is why so many companies have pulled up from the northern border and shifted down to areas such as Puebla Mexico. If you're looking to save the most money possible while maintaining a quality product, Puebla Mexico is a destination to consider.

2. Readily Available Manufacturing


If you are in the manufacturing business 80 percent of the current economy is already made up of manufacturing. In order to cut down on costs and to make it easier for employees to arrive, as many do not have vehicles, there are manufacturing parks found on the outskirts of Puebla Mexico. Outside these manufacturing parks, you will find open space from previous businesses you can adjust to meet your business needs. By taking advantage of this you'll again save money.

3. Close Proximity to Mexico City

Mexico City

If you want to ship your goods out you're just a few hours drive from Mexico City. Mexico City is the most populated city in the Western Hemisphere and provides you with several shipping opportunities. Being this close to Mexico City makes it easy to send out your goods and have them shipped to their final destination.

4. Close to the Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico

Puebla Mexico is almost right between Mexico City and the Gulf of Mexico (it's slightly closer to Mexico City). Being close to the Gulf also gives you plenty of shipping opportunities. So if you make goods that need to be shipped by sea instead of sent by air, this location is an excellent destination.

5. Culturally Significant

Puebla Mexico

The city of Puebla Mexico isn't just a manufacturing company's dream (there's a reason VW produces auto parts in the city). It is a culturally significant destination, one of the most important Spanish colonial cities of its time. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One visit to the city and you'll understand why. There are a number of incredible museums scattered throughout the city, including the International Museum of the Baroque. Walking up to this museum you'll think you're somewhere in Europe and not in the middle of Mexico.

There are several historically important sculptures scattered throughout the Zocala main square. The square was the centerpiece for several significant events dating back between the 1560s and the 1720s. Now it is a major arts and crafts destination. So if you're more interested in working with arts and crafts this is another reason you need to consider moving your business to Puebla Mexico.

What Are Some Good Tactics for Doing Business in Puebla?

When it comes to running a business in Puebla Mexico, there are several tactics you need to use. Business in Mexico differs from business in the United States. Slight variations may be the difference in a successful deal and one that falls through. By taking advantage of these good tactics you'll increase your chances of success.

Show Up Early (Even Though Those You're Meeting May Not)

If you're going to a business meeting it is important to show up early. However, do know the individual you're meeting up with will likely not arrive on time. Personal interactions and spending time with family is important, so conversations often last a long time, which means people are more likely to arrive late. Plan your day on someone showing up on time, but schedule it as if someone will show up late. You don't want to pack too many activities into your day just to have everything fall apart because one meeting went long. Take advantage of this basic strategy and you'll go far in business.

Make It Personal

As you begin to make connections in Puebla Mexico you want to make it personal. Remember how many children they have and what activities they like to do. Bring up family issues and the local sports team. Business in Puebla Mexico is personal and individuals like to work with other business partners they feel comfortable around. In this way, business differs greatly from what you're likely accustomed to. So get to know your potential business partners and never turn down an offered beverage (at least the first one).

Learn Spanish

You don't need to speak perfect Spanish, but the ability to communicate directly using the local language is critical. You are close enough to Mexico City where most people will speak English. However, you are in Mexico and it is better to learn the native language. The better you are with the language the easier it will become to connect with potential business partners and vendors you want to use. You can learn Spanish before you come out, and there are classes you can take offered in Puebla Mexico that teach Spanish.

A Bribe Isn't a Bribe

When doing business in the United States you might never think of handing out a bribe to get something done (you might help sweeten the deal by showing a client a good time at a baseball game or taking them out to dinner, but not cash under the table).

In Mexico, though, this is a little different. A bribe helps grease the wheels and makes the business world go round. You might need to offer this to officials to approve construction or to make sure they approve your design. It's part of the business practice in Mexico, and while you are not guaranteed to run into such a situation, it is something to keep an eye open for and to know there is a good chance you must issue one from time to time.


Opening a new business in Mexico is a great way to save money on production while increasing the potential footprint of your company. With so many opportunities available to you, from the important cultural significance of Puebla Mexico to the business opportunities set before you, you'll love everything the city has to offer you. There are several excellent destinations to set up shop in Mexico, so make sure you consider each and weigh out the possibilities of each. With so much going for it, Puebla Mexico may just be the perfect destination for you.


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