Is retirement knocking on your door and you’re not sure where you might want to reside after work has ended? Many find Progreso Mexico the perfect location for a new stage of life.

The papers have all been signed, turned in and approved. You’ve turned off the alarm clock, turned in the uniform and said goodbye to 40 hours a week of ‘have to’ work. Now the retirement is official and ready to begin; all that remains is your relocation south of the border. Progreso Mexico has all you need to spend the next portion of your life with relaxing atmospheres, laid-back lifestyles, and white sandy beaches. So, grab the passports, ATM cards and some cash for pesos and experience a great retirement location.


Progreso, a small fishing village consisting of about 38,000 residents, combines tranquility with low-cost living. Expats are choosing Progreso over the more popular tourist spots such as Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Native residents hold tight to the methods and lifestyle of previous generations, keeping the culture alive and on display through open-air markets and farmers’ markets. Retiring to this small village will provide insights into traditions and customs that aren’t common to the hustle and bustle of more modern cities.

Progreso Mexico | Retire in Style

You’ve earned a solid monthly retirement payment, and that money goes a lot further in Mexico. The cost of living is so much less than in most parts of the United States, allowing more pesos for travel, shopping or dining at the best cafes in and around Progreso.


Spend some time on the largest pier in the world, measuring four miles. Experience a full body massage on the beach, grab a bite to eat at one of the multiple cafes and enjoy an authentic margarita.

After lunch, spend some time meandering through the open-air market. Many treasures await, such as locally handmade crafts, one-of-a-kind jewelry and art, multicolored blankets and handmade earrings. Perfect for home decor, gifts and collectibles, the markets throughout Progreso provide plenty of unique options.

Lay out in the hammock in the backyard and let the ocean breeze gently blow over you. If you are a golfer, take a short trek to a nearby tourist town and spend a morning, or a whole day, on the greens.

Here there are no time constraints, no meetings or deadlines – just a new lifestyle in a new small town. Let the sun be your clock and let the new community provide your new schedule. When the sun sets, reflect on the day and prepare to do it all over again in the morning.

Why Choose Progreso?

pyramids in Progreso Mexico

Progreso Mexico is a good choice for retirement for a variety of reasons. A much smaller area than neighboring tourist cities such as Puerto Vallarta, Progreso is a relatively small fishing town, boasting big-city arts and culture. This village doesn’t skimp on options for good dining options, cold margaritas and good conversation with locals.

Low in crime and living expenses, Progreso prides itself on offering the best of big-city life without all the negatives. Learn about Mayan culture firsthand in the many shops owned by natives who still practice the ways of their ancestors. Trade in morning meetings for sunrise fishing outings.

5 Reasons Progreso Is a Great Retirement Destination


First and foremost, Progreso Mexico is a great choice simply because of the low crime rate. Safety for yourself and your family is likely a top factor in choosing a new location in which to retire. Just as in rural areas of the United States like those in Wyoming and Montana, doors will probably still be locked at night but only as a habit. Less crime, including fewer carjackings, assaults, home invasions, etc., make Progreso a solid choice for retirement.

Low Cost of Living

Peruse the local farmers’ markets and street vendors for fresh fruits and veggies, poultry and handmade items that are one-of-a-kind.

Two-story homes are listed for sale starting at $80,000, with many under $200,000. Add maid service for about $4 per hour. Put a gardener on your payroll for around $5 an hour. Want some pampering time for yourself? How do a mani/pedi and a haircut for under $50 sound? Looking for an hour-long beach massage? The average price for that service is $20. It has been reported that based on your lodging choices and location, you can enjoy a comfortable living in Progreso on a monthly budget of $2500.

Here’s the breakdown on monthly living expenses (on average):

  • Property taxes-under $200
  • Electric bill (with minimal a/c) – under $50
  • Gas – around $25
  • Bundled cable and internet – around $40
  • Basic phone service – around $20
  • Many residents choose taxis over personal cars. If you choose this route, paying a daily taxi fare will still allow you to keep more dollars in your bank account. The cost of monthly car payments, insurance, gasoline and upkeep will probably still add up to more than a daily taxi ride. Plus, who wants to drive during retirement? This is one more service that gives your life more ease.  Say goodbye to flat tires and car maintenance and hello to those chauffeured rides by taxi and Uber drivers!

    Perfect Climate

    Forest in progreso mexico

    Boasting highs that don’t pass 90 degrees Fahrenheit and lows that remain above 67 degrees Fahrenheit, year-round temperatures are mostly consistent. If you are searching for a warm, breezy and mostly sunny climate, Progreso is the location for you. The months of June and September typically provide the most rainfall. The humidity is also highest in the summer months, June through September. On average, July provides the most sunlight, with 234 hours of sunlight recorded.

    Soak up the sun on the sandy white beach, kick up an umbrella and kick back with a book. Let the warm breeze relax your mind. Start your mornings with a brisk jog on the shoreline or take a quick swim in the ocean before tackling the to-do list of the day. Rent a bike and cruise the beach, discovering seashells and starfish along the way.

    Cultural Education

    As an untouched cultural mecca, the Yucatan is unique from other parts of Mexico. Progreso Mexico is rich in culture and many Mayans in the Yucatan still eat the same cuisine, wear the same style of clothing, and take part in the same rituals and practices that previous generations did. Experience this authentic Mexican town and see history come to life in the treasured and well-preserved traditions of its community. See firsthand a different lifestyle, and experience how it allows a more laid-back, relaxing atmosphere.

    It goes without saying that you will need to learn some Spanish before you can easily interact in this new location. Fortunately, there are portable language translators that will take the guesswork out of correct pronunciation. Pocket-sized dictionaries are another option. Efforts to reach out and connect with others that have moved to Progreso Mexico will also be beneficial to the transition. Someone familiar with Spanish can serve as a guide during a few outings, possibly teaching you keywords to know in Spanish and helping you master the language in a short timeframe.

    Activities and Attractions

    Each day can be different, with all the places to visit, museums to peruse and animals to capture with your camera lens. Book a fishing charter for yourself and up to eight guests and see what you can reel in! Get tips and advice from the expert guide and you just might bring dinner home with you.

    Take a full-day tour with Sergios Tours. Throughout the bus ride, enjoy multiple stops, including at the Reserva Ecologica El Corchito. At this stop, do some swimming in a few cenotes, hand-feed the raccoons and observe the wildlife.

    yucatan attractions

    Take a tour of Scorpion Reef and the nearby red-and-white striped lighthouse. Spend some time hearing the history of the reef. There are plenty of other activities spread throughout Progreso Mexico, and discovering new locations will be an adventure for you day after day.


    Retirement should be all about a laid-back, relaxing day, week, month and year. Year after year, the retiree should embrace life in a new way. Life in Progreso provides that new way of life. A quiet fishing village, unique stores to peruse, farmers’ markets and outdoor sales tables provide insights into the lifestyle and culture of Progreso. When you include the low-cost, high-quality way of life, the peacefulness of the beaches, the culture-rich businesses, and the safe neighborhoods, you have the perfect picture of serenity and peacefulness in this Mexican city.

    With a little bit of planning and research, you can achieve a successful retirement in Progreso Mexico. This article has outlined five reasons for retiring and relocating to Progreso, but there are many more reasons to retire to this beach town. When you arrive, you can take in the numerous sights and sounds and add them to your own list.

    Hopefully, this article has given you a reason you to obtain your passport, trade your cash in for pesos, and start your new life in Progreso Mexico.

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