If you plan on traveling through Mexico and want to save money while doing so, there are several bus transit options available. Train travel never truly took off throughout the country, so there isn't much in the way of a rail line. Additionally, flying from one hub to another is in itself time consuming and can prove expensive. While the country of Mexico is large, you'll see more of it by traveling on a bus. Omnibus de Mexico is one bus option to consider. You just want to make sure it is safe for your travels throughout the country. 

What Is Omnibus de Mexico?

Mexico Omnibus

Omnibus is a bus company that offers transportation options throughout North America. The Mexican branch of the company is Omnibus de Mexico. You will find bus travel is the main form of transportation when touring Mexico, not only for tourists but for locals as well. Omnibus isn't a city bus, so you will not have as many locals who are looking to transit across town, although you will find many who are traveling from one city to the next riding on Omnibus.

Booking tickets for Omnibus Mexico is easy to do. Many locations let you book in advance over an Internet connection although often it is best to purchase a ticket at the bus station. Whatever your travel needs, there is an Omnibus option that will fit them. Best of all, you will find Omnibus can help you save money over flying from one location in the country to another.

Before booking any bus ticket though, always check to see the distance between the stations. Many tourists to Mexico do not realize just how large the city is, so a bus ride from a border city like Ciudad Juarez or Nogales to Mexico City will take a long time and in these cases, it may be better to fly.

Why Choose Omnibus de Mexico?

There are a number of bus services available in Mexico. Omnibus de Mexico is one of the vast number of these bus services. One of the major benefits behind using this bus service is that the company operates in the United States as well. Because it has an American counterpart, the company will do what it can to uphold both national bus services. The company doesn't want something that takes place in Mexico to reflect on its services in the United States. Due to this, it does elevate itself above some other bus service providers.

Tourism Bus Over City Bus

City buses are often crammed with locals. It is less expensive to take the city bus over most forms of transportation, which is why buses are so popular in Mexico. A city bus will take longer and you may not have a seat during busier times of the day. With Omnibus the company sells a specific number of tickets, so you will have a seat.

Improved Maintenance Schedule

Probably the biggest reason you need to use an internationally recognized bus service is the improved maintenance schedule. With no-name bus brands, the buses are older and will often not receive the same attention. Much of Mexico, especially the northern portion of the country, is desert, which means there is a considerable amount of dust. Dust will enter the engine block and cause problems, not to mention the engine may overheat if not properly cared for. The last thing you want is to be on a bus when the engine overheats and it breaks down. While this isn't to say an Omnibus won't break down, it's less likely.

Ordering in Advance

If you are someone who prefers to plan everything in advance, you can book tickets through the Omnibus de Mexico website. There is an English version, so it's all right if you don't read Spanish well. Not all bus services allow you to do this. It is important to point out that while you will book your ticket online, the exact seat is not always guaranteed. Many times bus travel in Mexico is first-come, first-serve, so while you will have a ticket, you may find someone in your seat. So if you want to make sure you get the seat you booked, show up early. More often than not, you'll end up just taking whichever seat you can grab.

Is Omnibus de Mexico Safe?

In short, yes, Omnibus de Mexico is safe, and it is safe to use the bus service while traveling in Mexico. With that said there are precautions you must keep in mind whenever traveling both on Omnibus de Mexico and whenever traveling via any bus service provider in Mexico.

Keep Your Tickets on Hand


Always keep your ticket on hand. Some routes are busy (such as those around Mexico City, Guadalajara, and the tourist beach towns). These routes often have passengers who remain on the buses at a station while more passengers come on and off. You need to make sure you always have your ticket nearby so, if there's a question about who purchased a ticket or not, you'll have the documentation. Some individuals from the bus stations and even police may ask to see your ticket. If you can't show your ticket you might be asked to leave, so keep it handy.



Much like your ticket you need to have your passport or other travel documentation on hand. There may be times where police enter the bus and will want to see identification. This is more likely to happen on buses traveling north than on southbound buses, but in certain instances, this might happen. As you never know when such a walk-through will take place you'll be better off keeping your passport nearby.



When you book a bus through Omnibus de Mexico, you will be informed of several amenities your bus will include, such as Wi-Fi, onboard bathrooms and other features. However, you can't depend on the amenities to always work. The Wi-Fi on the bus is spotty even if it works, so don't expect a solid Internet signal. While all Omnibus buses have bathrooms, some might be out of order and others you may not want to enter (when boarding the bus it's best to not sit right next to the bathroom).

Not that the bathroom won't be in working order or the Wi-Fi won't be on, but in terms of extended bus travel, it's best to just assume none of the amenities will work and then be happily surprised when everything works properly.

Don't Carry Tons of Cash

tons of cash

The chances of you being robbed on a bus a slim to none. You're perfectly safe on an Omnibus. These are tourist buses and tourism is important to the Mexican economy, so the police will usually not cause problems with the buses. However, if you know anyone who has traveled extensively throughout Mexico before, they, or someone they know, has likely had to hand out a bribe before. You have a 99.99% chance of this not happening, but in the off chance it does you'll at least be prepared.

Bribes are more likely to come from a police officer than anyone else. It will happen during a station stop and they will ask to see your identification and possibly paperwork and wallet. They might check to see how much money you have, in which case, it is needed to offer a bribe to be let back on the bus.

Now, this will almost never happen. Police don't seek bribes from tourists because tourists from outside Mexico are not familiar with the process so they won't know what to do. If you don't look like you're from Mexico, you will almost always be left alone. However, if you are part Hispanic or look like you could be from Mexico, there is a greater chance of requiring the occasional bribe (especially in more rural areas). Again, you'll likely never run into this issue but it is something you should know about.

Take Your Stuff with You


You will stop at stations to pick up more passengers and drop others off. These are good times to use the bathroom at the stations and to pick up food (although some food vendors are likely to enter the bus to sell goods). If you leave, you need to take your stuff with you. Always keep an eye on what you're traveling with and don't ask anyone to watch it.

As long as you follow these rules, you'll never have a real problem with buses in Mexico, even when traveling across the country. Don't carry tons of cash (just enough to get around for a few days), avoid leaving your bags, and make sure you keep your documentation handy. By doing these things, you'll enjoy your ride on Omnibus de Mexico, no matter where you're going.


If you're interested in traveling through Mexico an Omnibus de Mexico is an ideal form of transportation. With this kind of bus you'll save money over flying and you'll see more of the country. Just follow the suggestions and tips above to stay safe. 

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