Monterrey Mexico, capital of Nuevo León in northeastern Mexico, is a modern, progressive global manufacturing giant and cultural hub. Nestled in the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range, Monterrey Mexico is as picturesque and culturally rich as it is productive.

Dubbed “The Most Americanized City in Mexico” there are many reasons to visit Monterrey Mexico. Located a short two-hour drive from the Texas border, the metropolis of Monterrey is closely neighboring to the US. Here we will discuss this unique and thriving city along with all the reasons you should visit.

Monterrey Mexico | Modern Center of Industry

Monterrey Mexico is a truly modern center of industry and often the top choice for foreign manufacturing industries. Foreign businesses choose Monterrey for its reputation for providing high-quality products with low labor costs.

Monterrey hosts one of the most educated workforces in Latin America. Academia, government, and industry have found means to collaborate to ensure this. High school programs are designed to train students to work in the auto manufacturing industry, thus providing jobs upon graduation. In turn, the auto manufacturing industry has a wealth of qualified workers.

Monterrey is a technologically advanced city. It is home to one of the top private technical universities in the world called the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey). This university was the first to have internet connectivity in Latin America and consistently has top-ranked programs in the region. Mexico’s best software engineers come from Monterrey.

Since 1999, Monterrey has received over $40 billion in direct foreign investment contributing to its major economic growth. Foreign investment in Monterrey is second only to investment in the much larger Mexico City.


Manufacturing Industry

On par with other global industrial cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Milan, and Shanghai, Monterrey Mexico offers manufacturing space in 50 industrial parks. Businesses who move operations to Monterrey reap the benefits of government incentives.

A variety of manufacturing industries produce in Monterrey Mexico. The city’s reputation for skilled workers, exceptional facilities, quality work conditions, and low overhead costs remains steadfast. The manufacturing industries found in Monterrey include:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Medical devices
  • Metals
  • Packaging

Companies such as Lego Group, Mercedes Benz, Kia Motors Group, and Whirlpool are among the many that have plants in Monterrey.

Upscale Residential Living

Some of the wealthiest residential areas in Latin America are found in the Monterrey metropolitan area. The San Pedro Garza García neighborhood is filled with lavish architecture and a very high standard of living.

Superior Infrastructure

Infrastructure in Monterrey is of exceptional quality. The rail and roadway systems are comparable to those found in major US cities.

Why Visit Monterrey?

Monterrey Mexico is not only Latin America’s industrial giant, but it also a cornucopia of cultural delights. Travelers to Monterrey are taken back by the sheer amount of activities to partake in. From specialty museums, breathtaking natural wonders, exquisite architecture, landmarks, and historical sights—Monterrey is much more than a city of industry.

Here is the breakdown of the not-to-miss attractions for your Monterrey vacation.



Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey (MARCO)

MARCO is Monterrey’s expansive contemporary fine art museum with 11 galleries featuring permanent and special collections from prominent contemporary artists.

Museo del Acero Horno3 (Horno3)

Horno3 is an interactive science and technology museum that pays homage to Monterrey’s enduring history of steel production in an enticing visual display.


Museo de Historia Mexicana (Mexican History Museum)

The Mexican History Museum takes visitors back in time, from prehistoric times through pre-Hispanic, to Spanish colonization, onward through the Mexican revolution. For non-Spanish speakers, English-speaking guides may be available on site.

Museo del Obispado in Palacio del Obispado (The Bishop)

On its own, The Bishop is a colonial architecture wonder in the center of Monterrey. The Baroque palace was once a church and also a fort. The museum inside The Bishop is a showcase of regional Nuevo León history.

Cultural Landmarks

Plaza Makro

Barrio Antiguo (Old Neighborhood)

The Barrio Antiguo is the old town Monterrey and features some of the oldest buildings in the city. Walk down the narrow stone roads and take in the cultural offerings. Cafes are aplenty, and often performers entertain on the streets.  

Plaza Makro (Macroplaza)

The Macroplaza is one of the largest city plazas in the entire world, featuring stunning architecture and a plethora of historical monuments. This lovely city center is peppered with lush vegetation and greenery.

Paseo Santa Lucia (Santa Lucia Riverwalk)

The Santa Lucia Riverwalk is located next to an immaculate turquoise reservoir and lined with sculptures and lavish fountains. Whether you stroll along the path or take a sail in a boat on the river, the sites at Santa Lucia in Monterrey are mesmerizing.

Planetario Alfa (Alfa Planetarium)

Monterrey’s Alfa Planetarium features video presentations, a sky observatory, a large garden, and a science center that are all suitable for the entire family. Alfa Planetarium changes themes with each season, promising a fresh experience each time you visit. It even has a section built specifically for children.

Parks And Nature Excursions

Fundidora Park

Bioparque Estrella (Nature Park Estrella)

Located just outside Monterrey is Nature Park Estrella is a wildlife parking offering safari-like excursions and a petting zoo. Here you can observe animals living freely in a wide-open habitat.

Parque Ecologico Chipinque (Chipinque Ecological Park)

Chipinque Ecological Park is a forested area located up the mountain overlooking the city of Monterrey. Chipinque is a great excursion location for hikers and mountain bikers to get the best views of Monterrey from above. Chipinque Ecological Park is also reachable by car.

Parque Fundidora (Fundidora Park)

Fundidora Park is known as the foremost archeological industrial site in all of Mexico. Fundidora Park is where you’ll find many cultural venues. Concert halls, museums, and an amusement park all are located within Fundidora Park in Monterrey. 

Parque La Huasteca (The Huasteca Park)

The Huasteca Park is atop a mountain located just outside Monterrey’s city limits. Hiking and rock climbing the peak is a favorite for the most adventurous and athletic travelers to the region. Views of Monterrey from the top are unbeatable.

Cerro de la Silla

The Cerro de la Silla is another fantastic hiking and walking trail up to the top of a mountain in the vicinity of Monterrey. This mountain became a designated monument in Mexico in 1991. Complete panoramic views of the region are visible from the top of Cerro de la Silla.

Grutas de Garcia (Garcia Caves)

Explore stalactites and stalagmites 50 million years in the making at the Garcia Caves. The Garcia Caves are located directly outside Monterrey. Guided cave tours are available through this extraordinary underground experience.

What Are 5 Things You Should Know about Monterrey?

Monterrey Mexico is a city unlike any other in Mexico. Here are the top 5 things to know about Monterrey.

Monterrey Is Modern

Visiting Monterrey without having done any research might shock some travelers. Monterrey is a highly progressive and modern city that embraces its international status. For travelers with modern needs, this is a breath of fresh air. High-speed internet and WiFi is widely available throughout Monterrey.

Monterrey Is Booming with Business

Monterrey is the top choice for international businesses seeking high-quality production at a good value. Monterrey is a major city of industry, and manufacturing is consistently responsible for this city’s economic expansion.

Safety Is a Priority in Monterrey

The city of Monterrey is always taking steps to reduce crime. After the crime wave from 2008 to 2011, Monterrey made a commitment to reduce crime in the city. These actions toward security worked, and violent crime statistics have dramatically decreased in the last decade.

Transportation Is Plentiful

Monterrey Mexico has transportation covered.

Other Things to Note about Monterrey

Monterrey airport

International Airport

General Mariano Escobedo International Airport, also known as the Monterrey International Airport (MYT), is the major airport near Monterrey. MYT provides service to and from many major US cities including Los Angeles, Detroit, Dallas, and Las Vegas.

Good Roads

Because infrastructure is solid in Monterrey, you can expect good driving conditions. Car rental is widely available in Monterrey.

Taxi Service

Eco-taxis are available for hire all throughout the city of Monterrey.

Public Transportation

Monterrey has public transportation including a subway system and buses. The public transportation in Monterrey is clean and efficient. 

Industrial Railway Links

Monterrey is the largest rail center in all of northern Mexico creating an important commercial link to the rest of North America.

World Class Shopping And Dining

As the wealthiest city in Mexico, Monterrey is a world-class city that offers an array of top-notch shopping and dining options. Unlike many cities in Mexico, Monterrey offers a wide variety of international cuisine sure to please every appetite.


Monterrey Mexico is a city like none other with its burgeoning manufacturing industry, rich history, and cultural mystique. Monterrey is the ideal city to move your production operations to when you are seeking high-quality and affordable manufacturing services. The workers are well educated and are provided with good working conditions.

Monterrey is also a great place to travel to for a modern or a traditional vacation. It offers many natural and historical features and all the modern amenities that keep life flowing smoothly. Monterrey Mexico has it all.  

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