The Mexican Stock Exchange was the only stock exchange to experience growth after the global 2007/2008 financial crisis. It has an index of 40 actively traded companies and around 250 issues of paper. Below, we will briefly explain what Mexican stocks to buy and which brokerage firms are the best for guidance.

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What Mexican Stocks Should You Buy?

When you’re looking for Mexican stocks to buy, you should consider the peso’s stability. The Mexican stock market relies partly on the stability of the Peso. Similarly, stable companies are commonly the best to invest in.

WMMVY, the Wal-Mart de Mexico stock, is a good one to buy when the peso is rising. Goldman Sachs has referred to it as a buy. WMT, the Walmart stock, often contradicts WMMVY, so you should only pay attention to the one you’re investing in. Wal-Mart de Mexico has steady sales growth and 5% of its revenue goes to the net income line. The Mexican branch also has less debt than it’s American counterpart.

Another good Mexican stock to buy is Grupo Televisa SAB (ADR) (NYSE:TV). It’s a major Mexican broadcaster with ties to the U.S. via an arrangement with Univision. Grupo Televisa SAB owns the Club America soccer club, Stadium Azteca, and other cable operations and programming assets.

Goldman Sachs considers the Mexican stock Cemex SAB de CV (ADR) (NYSE:CX) a buy. Cemex SAB de CV is a multinational company that has locations in over 50 countries, including the United States. They are a producer of cement. CX has doubled in price despite the weak peso. Between 2012 and 2015, Cemex SAB de CV’s operating income more than doubled.

What Are the Best Brokerage Firms to Guide You?

Some of the best Mexican brokerage firms to guide you include Motif Investing, Exante, and TD Ameritrade. Motif Investing helps you accomplish your financial goals while staying in line with your values. Based on what you care about most, the company creates a personalized portfolio for you.

Motif Investing offers an automated feature that establishes your portfolio based on your financial goals and values. Another way you can create a personalized portfolio with Motif Investing is indicating what your reason is for investing. Possible reasons include retirement, greater wealth, and college.

Exante is a stock broker that gives you access to over 50 financial markets. They don’t charge non-activity fees, account fees, or platform fees. The only fees that Exante charges is per trade. Exante has 24/7 support, so you can receive help with your account whenever you need it. Their average reply time is three minutes. You can contact support via email or phone.

TD Ameritrade offers in-depth, interactive education to help you become a better investor. They also provide 24/7 support from trading specialists and former floor traders. Pricing is straightforward at TD Ameritrade. You won’t be hit with any hidden fees. TD Ameritrade offers investment guidance that’s aligned with your goals. You can set goals yourself or receive help from TD Ameritrade.

Investing in Mexican stocks is profitable as long as you know which ones to invest in. Mexican stock brokers can offer a helping hand if you’re ever confused. For those who are eager to get started, WMMVY, TV, and CX are relatively safe Mexican stocks to buy.

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