Why run a business in a snowy climate, overpaying for rent and work when you could move to a beautiful beachfront location and run a company for a fraction of the price? In Mazatlan Mexico, that's exactly what you receive. With its beautiful perch on the Pacific Ocean, you'll wake up to incredible views of the coastline and sip coffee listening to ocean waves and the sea breeze while prepping yourself for a new day of productive work. While it sounds too good to be true, it can all be yours if you decide to move your business to Mazatlan Mexico. Just keep these five points in mind before doing business in the city.

Mazatlan, Mexico | Open for Business

When it comes to sheer beauty, there are few towns out there that can match what Mazatlan Mexico is able to offer. The city itself features a combination of new-world charm and European designs, thanks to the large German immigration to the city in the mid-1800s. The city itself was founded by the Spanish in the 1500s, so there has been a steady line of European influence on the overall design and build of the city. Now, it is both a popular location for visitors and for shipping, thanks to its prominent seaport.

More about Mazatlan Mexico

The city itself is larger than what you might guess, with a municipal population of just over 400,000 residents and a total population of over 650,000. This gives you access to not only a steady inflow of workers but also a client base if you're interested in selling to local customers. Plus, with its location on the ocean, you'll see a number of tourists coming in and out as well, so there's the constant refresh of new potential customers. It all depends on the kind of business you run.

The city relies on tourism as it is the top industry within the city. However, Mazatlan also has a major fishing industry. In fact, it is the second largest fishing fleet in all of Mexico. Combine the incredible seafood and the tourism influx, and there is always something going on in the city that draws in new visitors.

If you enjoy spending time outside, or if you're interested in doing business with incoming tourists, the city has one of the largest boardwalks in the entire world. The boardwalk currently measures 8.5 km and runs along the Pacific Ocean. To the other side, you'll pass historical buildings, brand new world-class hotels, and a stretch of mountains.

Sporting Entertainment


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If you're interested in sports to help keep yourself entertained while away from the United States, you will find several sports teams you are sure to enjoy. There is the Venados de Mazatlan, which is a professional baseball team and a member of the Mexican Pacific League. The season begins right in the middle of October, so if you want more baseball after the conclusion of the World Series you can always attend these games. One team from the Mexican Pacific League will then represent Mexico at the Caribbean Series, which is a major sporting event in its own right.

You will also find a number of semi-pro soccer teams and the Mazatlan Redskins, which is a professional cricket team. This way, if you are craving some sporting activities like you're used to in the United States, you have options.

Why Do Business in Mazatlan?

There are several benefits to doing business in Mazatlan Mexico. While you will need to pick up your business and move it down to Mexico, the perks you experience make it well worth the move. Of course, what's right for you is not always right for the next company, so consider these top five reasons why you should consider doing business in Mexico.


There's a reason so many factories moved from the United States to Mexico. The cost of production is far less in Mexico than it is the United States. Now, if you run a manufacturing business and want to move it to Mexico, it's better to move it to a centralized location in the country. You'll find more factories here that run for less.

However, if you're running an Internet company or are selling to tourists, this is a perfect destination that will cost you a fraction of what you would pay in the United States. The money savings come not only from what you need to pay employees but the cost of living in Mazatlan Mexico. Everything from food to your home and utilities will cost much less than what you would pay for the same services back home. This makes it a beneficial destination to consider.



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When selecting the right location for your business in Mexico, it is important to consider the established Infrastructure of the city. Not all towns will have the same Infrastructure you need. From roads to utilities, you need a place that is built for international business. In terms of beach towns, Mazatlan Mexico is one of the best in the country.

Much like Miami, Mazatlan Mexico was built from narcotics money. During the 1980s and early 1990s, Miami saw a massive boom in building due to the money coming in from the narcotics trade. While that no longer exists, the city of Miami continues to thrive off of these buildings. The same is true with Mazatlan Mexico. In previous years, drug money helped fund the construction of new hotels, roads, and utilities. While this practice is not what it used to be, the money did help build up the city.

The influx of money that other cities are not privy to helped improved everything from condos to roads and Internet connection speeds. So politics aside, if you're looking for a destination that has world-class infrastructure and utility work, it's hard to beat what's available in Mazatlan Mexico.


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The city of Mazatlan Mexico is located right on a seaport. This gives you several benefits. First, if you need to ship goods out internationally, you have a seaport at your disposal. It's also a great location if you want to take tourists out for fishing as it is one of the largest fishing cities in all of Mexico. It depends on what kind of business you run. If you deal with any kind of shipping or tourism services, the location of Mazatlan Mexico is excellent.



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You can take the highway north from Mazatlan Mexico all the way up to Tucson, Arizona. It's a straight shot into the United States. If you're interested in selling goods along the coast and even making it back north to the U.S., you can do this. This way you can set up shop in Mazatlan Mexico while running your business along the coastline. Naturally, it depends on what kind of business you run, but this gives you additional options.

Beautiful Weather


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Let's face it—if you're going to do business somewhere, why not do it somewhere you can enjoy? You could open up a business in Milwaukee or Cleveland and shiver away in the cold winter months (which just seem to get longer every single year). Or, you can pay a fraction of the price and live in a tropical paradise, all with some of the best beaches and seafood in all of Mexico.

Best Practices for Doing Business in Mazatlan

There are several practices you need to understand when doing business not only in Mazatlan Mexico but the entire country. The better you become acquainted with these practices the easier it will be to succeed.

Local Customs

There are several local holidays you must become accustomed to. You'll have Lost Souls Day and Day of the Dead celebrations around the end of October and beginning of November. You'll also have religious holidays spreading from the middle of December to the early portion of January. You won't get much work done at these times, so preparing ahead of time is important.

Local Authorities

While the drug trade has partially left the city, there are still some high-up individuals in the industry who call the location home. While this doesn't bring danger to the city, some of the larger businesses and hotels are owned by heads or former heads of the narcotics industry, so if you intend on taking on hotels it's important to know where the money is coming from.


Learn Spanish. You'll be better off if you want to run a business in Mexico and work with the local talent and sell to residents. It becomes easier to thrive when you speak the local language.


Shifting your business to Mexico brings with it several major benefits. These benefits give you many perks, ranging from saving money to living in a tropical paradise. With so many beachfront opportunities in Mexico, the best way to decide on which works best for you is to compare the different destinations, look over what each gives you, and then visit the locations. This way, you'll get a better feel for each city and have the ability to set up shop for your business in paradise.

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