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Los Cabos Mexico: Booming Tourist Location - Business In Mexico

Scenic beaches, fresh fruits, and the allure of newfound paradise: there's no wonder that the tourism scene is doing the best it ever has in Los Cabos Mexico. Located on the southern edge of the Baja California Peninsula, a handful of resorts and high-end restaurants are already setting up shop in what is quickly becoming a fountain of commerce.

What gave big-name companies the confidence to invest in this small strip of land? It comes from the development, decreasing crime rates, an increase in tourism, and a natural beauty that everyone wants to claim as home. With many businesses turning their heads toward Los Cabos Mexico, what can this magnificent area do for your business? 

What Is the Tourism Industry Like in Los Cabos Mexico?

Why are people suddenly talking about Los Cabos Mexico? Due to its history of high crime rates, businesses did not take the risk of setting up shop in a place that may never be safe to travel to. But, according to the Los Cabos Tourism Board, crime is now down an astounding 90 percent since 2017.

Crime rates are falling fast, sped up by the cooperation of the U.S. Department of State to enhance security around the area. Due to the combination of security bases being put in place and the involvement of the U.S. and Mexican Federal Governments, the area is looking forward to a much brighter future - a future that many businesses are beginning to see.

With the decline of crime comes the increase in tourism. According to the Los Cabos Tourism Board Managing Director, Rodrigo Esponda, the area saw an 8 percent increase in air travel during the middle of the year. For businesses, an increase in tourism equates to an increase in revenue. And it's no wonder people are flooding here - an area rich with vegetation, natural beauty, and culture. The beautiful peninsula was just a pearl that needed polishing, and what a shine we're seeing!

What Are the Most Popular Tourist Areas?

The beautiful resorts and restaurants are only additions to the already rich and beautiful landscape of Los Cabos Mexico. Flanked on either side by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes, the area boasts a wide variety of activities for land and sea. The peninsula can be separated into three major areas: the southern-most area of Los Cabos San Lucas, the northern-most area of San Jose del Cabo, and the area in between the two referred to as the strip. 

Los Cabos San Lucas

With frequent boats and abundant sunshine, you can spend the entire afternoon in Los Cabos San Lucas just at sea. Located furthest south on the peninsula, this area is surrounded on all three sides by ocean and sea giving it an almost island feel. With this in mind, tourists come here to enjoy all the activities out on the beach.

If you're a fan of fishing, San Lucas has you covered. Many come here to fish for the area's iconic blue marlin. For a more serious test of skill, take part in the fishing tournaments at the end of the year around October and November to meet other fishing enthusiasts. Finish the night with freshly caught seafood and a plan to see the fish more up close tomorrow.

With an ecological diversity known only in these tropic paradises, you can swim in awe as the marine life and vibrant coral surround you. Discover stingrays, turtles, marlins, and an endless diversity of sea creatures. Because the peninsula is thin, you can dive in most areas off the coast.

San Jose del Cabo

In the furthest north corner of Los Cabos Mexico is San Jose del Cabo. This is an area filled with art galleries, beautiful churches, gardens, organic markets, and also an opportunity to swim with dolphins. Not to be outdone by San Lucas, San Jose is also flanked by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes, providing a variety of activities in the water and along the shoreline.

In Between San Jose and San Lucas

For the tourists who need more than just a morning cup of coffee to wake them up, you can bungee jump off the El Tule Canyon, walk on the longest suspension bridge in the world, or go zip lining. These activities are located on the strip in between San Jose del Cabo and Los Cabos San Lucas. From head to toe, there are activities and sights for tourists to experience.

How Can Businesses Use Tourism to Increase Their Profits?

Tourism funds resorts, restaurants, and other services in Los Cabos Mexico. When people go on vacation, they bring with them expendable income. Situating a business in this aesthetic wonderland is not only becoming safer every year but also has the possibility of generating more revenue due to the geographical location of your business. By creating a business tied to the constant flow of tourists, you're investing in the growth of tourism. So what venues can your business jump into?


People come to an exotic land to experience an extravagance they don't normally have back home. This is why resorts go hand in hand with tourist destinations. Even more than just a nice room for the night, resorts can provide other services such as business meetings, parties, and celebrations to increase profits. In addition, major hotel chains like Solaz, Hard Rock, and JW Marriot are opening over 4,000 new hotels over the next three years. Big-name resorts are already seeing the potential of Los Cabos Mexico, leaving everyone else to wonder if they should too.

Health and Beauty

Given the already relaxing and tranquil nature of Los Cabos Mexico, a spa and beauty retreat would excel here. From tourists looking for a relaxing bath overlooking the sea or a stone massage by professionals, no vacation is complete without the release of stress we all need in our lives. These businesses can be tailored to the local environment by using herbs and plants from the surroundings, using local water, or including beauty treatments from the local culture.


For smaller-scale entrepreneurs, investing into real estate and renting out rooms for tourists requires less capital than building a resort and gives the business owner a chance to see what the market is like in a new area. With crime going down over the years, it's easier to find safe neighborhoods to base your business in.


If real estate isn't your game, there are plenty of other services that tourists seek in a vacation. Like the activities listed above (e.g. fishing, diving), your business could provide entertainment. Whether that's boat rides, hiring local tour guides, or setting up a jet skiing booth by the beach, people are always looking for a memorable experience while on vacation.

Instead of setting up a new attraction, your business could take advantage of the already scenic beauty available by setting up a business that rents out forms of transportation such as mopeds, scooters, or ATVs. Make sure to have waivers!


Being away from home means tourists will probably not be using their usual form of transportation. This creates the need for affordable, convenient ways for them to get to their next activity. Rather than learning to use the bus systems or put their two years of high school Spanish to use, your business could provide a hassle-free service through apps.

With over 30 flights connecting the U.S. and Canada to the San Jose del Cabo International Airport, there is plenty of business to be made just from transportation between the airport to their hotels.


Where there are tourists there will always be a need for convenient food. If you're a restaurant professional looking for the next place to set up shop, consider Los Cabos. A peninsula surrounded by an abundant variety of fresh seafood, an established fishing community ready to supply, and a growing customer base flying in from around the world. It only gets better as you consider the luscious scenery and the sound of the crashing waves as your guests enjoy the locally inspired dishes and fresh seafood. 

The kinds of food establishments that could flourish in this setting are vast. Fine dining for the couples on a honeymoon, a family restaurant with local food transformed by a chef's flare, or a small frozen yogurt establishment with fresh coconut and harvested fruits would all do well. The options are endless for businesses looking to expand their culinary influence.


Where people go to create memories, sometimes they want something to bring back with them to remember the good times. As a steady flow of people come in with cash to spend, a well-located store specializing in Los Cabos merchandise or convenience items could bring in large profits. Combine this with health and beauty items, such as beauty products made with local ingredients. When people are away from home, it's only natural for them to splurge a little!

To Los Cabos We Go

Great businesses are created from individuals willing to jump at the right opportunity. Every day Los Cabos Mexico is being noticed by groups ready to invest in its prosperity. The flow of tourists is increasing, crime is dwindling, and so too are the opportunities for businesses looking to claim a spot. Without risk, there is no reward. Every day people are seeing the area for what it always was: a beautiful escape, a natural paradise, a business opportunity waiting to be claimed. 

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