The city of Ixtapa Mexico is located along the southwestern edge of the country. Known as a breathtaking resort destination for locals and international travelers alike, this is a major destination to set up shop if you're interested in starting (or moving) a business. Of course, with so many other viable options within Mexico, you need to look into what all the city provides and which is the best option to fit your professional business needs. 

Ixtapa Mexico | Open for Business

The city of Ixtapa Mexico is relatively small, at least in terms of its year round population. With around 9,000 residents, the city is small yet expanding and hoping to bring in both tourist dollars and business owners.

The resort city was created in the 1970s and built by the Mexican government. It wanted to attract international tourists into the country where they would spend dollars that would go directly back to the government, making it a much more lucrative method of raising money over the taxes paid by a typical hotel.

To build the city of Ixtapa, the government created a special fund through the Bank of Mexico and later took on a loan from the World Bank. It has taken time to construct the tourist destination, but Mexico has developed a beautiful destination for vacationers and for individuals like yourself in search of a business friendly location.

Keeping It Beautiful for Tourists


In Ixtapa Mexico you'll find a business friendly destination. The country created the city to bring in tourists. It created direct lines of transportation coming in from over a dozen airlines, including Delta, Alaska, Air Canada, Interjet, Frontier Airlines, Aeromar and several others.

With the amount of money the country has pumped into the project, it wants to maintain the city's beautiful appearance. This means you need to consider your business carefully and whether it will fit in with the tourist-friendly appearance.

If your business focuses on manufacturing or heavy production, it likely will not be approved to move into this small city. However, there are plenty of other destinations available if you want to take advantage of manufacturing. However, if you're an artist, want to open an artisan shop or another small business to take advantage of visiting tourists, that's more than acceptable.

Why Do Business in Ixtapa?

Ixtapa Mexico does not have a large local population. Many of the nearly 10,000 residents work in the hospitality business, which means you'll likely be selling your products to visitors if you are looking to sell physical goods instead of opening an online business.

Due to this, you need to keep in mind what kind of business you're running and whether or not it fits with the potential visiting demographic. These are individuals that use charter vacation services for vacations or individuals who are not looking to go outside a resort area.

They want all-inclusive services and they want to stay put as much as possible. If this kind of rotating demographic doesn't sound like your target audience, you should look for another location. However, if this description does fit your target audience, it can open up a world of potential, as you'll be able to constantly sell to the constant influx of new visitors into the city of Ixtapa Mexico.

Beautiful Setting


If you want a beautiful setting for your business, it'll be difficult to find something better than Ixtapa Mexico. Here you'll find incredible sunsets, amazing beachfronts, and breathtaking ocean. If your company doesn't immediately depend on a large, continually stable population, a beautiful setting maybe everything you need.

Continually Refreshed Customers


If your business depends on repeat customers, Ixtapa is not the right city for you. Your repeat customers will be limited to the 10,000 or so current residents, and most of your business should come from new customers rotating in as tourists. While the population of the city will probably increase to some extent, the Mexican government wants to keep the city remote and comfortable, which means limiting expansion.

Plus, as the demand to stay within Ixtapa goes up, the government can increase hotel booking costs, which alows them to drive up revenue without building anything new or doing anything more. Due to this, you'll never see a massive population shift or an improvement in the numbers of immediate, repeat customers.

Instead, with the influx of tourists coming in and out of Ixtapa Mexico you'll have access to brand new customers every few days. If you sell goods or are an artist, this means new people you can sell too that you might not have sold to the week before. So the smaller, vacation nature of the city might work out perfectly for you, depending on what business you're in.

Excellent Infrastructure

Excelle​​nt Infrastructure

The city is small and built for tourists. However, that means the needed infrastructure is exceptional. The roads bringing visitors in via bus are outstanding. The airport, while small, is well taken care of and sends traffic out not only to major domestic hubs but also to international hubs.

On top of good transportation and roadways, you'll find that the electricity, water, Internet, and other utilities within Ixtapa Mexico are some of the best in the entire country. By moving your business to Ixtapa, you'll receive tourist-like quality, all while calling it home.

Best Practices for Doing Business in Ixtapa

If you're considering doing business in Ixtapa Mexico, there are a few specifics you need to be made aware of. The more you understand about the location before moving out, the better off you'll be.

Learn the Language

If you're working with tourists, you'll likely encounter a large number of nationalities, many of whom will speak English. In fact, you'll probably find more tourists speaking English than Spanish. However, there will be those who want to speak Spanish with you, even if their language skills are not great. Understanding the language and being able to speak back to them will improve your ability to connect with visitors and increase sales. It will also help you deal with the local government and your neighbors.

Make Connections with Tourist Groups

If you do sell products or services to tourists, you want to connect with the service providers bringing tourists into the city. Whether this is through the bus line or through employees in the terminals, the better connected you are the easier it becomes at drawing customers into your storefront.

By connecting with these tourist groups and getting an extra bus or two of visitors to stop by your store each week, you can easily end up with hundreds, if not thousands of extra dollars in sales. It's worth making connections within such a small city. In a town of under 10,000, just about everyone knows everyone. So do what you can to connect and make a good impression.

Personal Relationships

While you are most likely selling to visitors who will not remain for more than a few days, you will depend on locals for bringing in traffic and for connecting with these tourists. This means you need a strong relationship with these individuals.

In Mexico, it's more than just money when it comes to business. Business is done by those who are both professional and personal with one another. They talk about family and friends, sports, and government. It's always an open conversation. Locals want to do business with someone they trust and are friendly with.

You need to do the same. It is critical for you to connect with locals and to do whatever you can to help nurture these relationships. As long as you do, you'll increase your ability to thrive as a business owner.

Business Is Slow

This doesn't mean your sales are slow, but that the way of life is slow, which means certain activities can take longer to accomplish. From construction to government contracts and business deals, everything takes a little longer in Mexico. Even meetings in Mexico take longer because of the friendly, personal nature of the meetings. You'll talk about kids and sports prior to starting up the actual business portion of the meeting.

You need to understand this and openly engage in the small talk. You also need to understand that everything will not happen at a blistering pace. It takes time, especially in a tourist community. The sooner you become comfortable with this the better off you'll be.


There are several excellent destinations in Mexico for you to open your own business or to move your current business to. With these different options, you need to consider what works best for your unique business needs. If you run a large manufacturing company, Ixtapa Mexico will probably not be the best spot for you.

However, if you run a small business, are an artist, or sell to a constantly renewing client base in the form of visiting tourists, Ixtapa Mexico may be the perfect location for you. You need to compare the other options and decide which option will help your business thrive while helping you live a more enjoyable and profitable life.

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