If you don’t check out at least one of the many international schools in Mexico for your family, you’re missing a great opportunity. International schools are an ideal way to give your child an excellent education in another country, but which one should you choose?

Fortunately, Mexico offers a wide variety of educational options to set your young one up for future success. Many people who attend an international school credit the experience for their success later in life.

This guide will walk you through what to consider while choosing between international schools in Mexico. Then we’ll cover the best schools in the country for different educational purposes. Read on to find out how to get your child a superior education in this beautiful country!

What is an International School?

An international school is an educational institution that teaches with an international perspective. These schools often use curriculums like the International Baccalaureateor the Cambridge International Examinations. They might also use a different curriculum of some sort, but they don’t just stick to the standards of the country.

International schools in Mexico cater to students who aren’t from Mexico, but they often have local students too.

The pupils at these schools include children of people doing business internationally, who work at a foreign embassy, or who work for a non-governmental agency (NGO). At a Mexico international school, students can learn to speak Spanish and get qualified to work in the country. Tuition for these schools tends to be pricey, but many families find it’s well worth the cost.

The international education approach

The first international schools came about in the late 19th century, as the world was becoming more and more connected. Since then, globalization has only increased. International education can give students a significant advantage when it’s time for them to enter the business world.

Many countries have excellent national education standards. Still, an international school has to meet even higher global standards. Students will learn nuances of language and culture at a Mexican international school that they likely wouldn’t get from other institutions.

International schools usually have a highly mobile student body, an education that transfers well to schools in other countries, and a student body that’s multilingual and multinational. There are also international curriculum and accreditation requirements.

The teachers also need to be multinational and mobile, so they can connect with their students to offer the best education. They typically teach in English, so there’s no need to search for English schools in Mexico. However, these schools offer other languages too. In fact, students are required to study at least one other language.

International schools in Mexico focus on developing students who are real citizens of the world. The international teaching focus promotes tolerance, understanding, cooperation, and independence. And, if your family decides to relocate, it’s easy to find another school with the same or similar curriculum, so your child gets a smooth transition.

Why choose international schools in Mexico?

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of sending your child to one of the many excellent international schools in Mexico.

Cultural experience

Mexico is a diverse country with a lot of vibrant cultures. An international school allows your student to gain cultural experience inside the classroom as well as outside of it.

International school curriculums include an appreciation for the many different cultures of the world. While the student learns about culture, they’ll also meet and interact with students and teachers from all over. This lets them apply what they’re learning as they learn it. They’ll be well equipped to work with people all around the world when they grow up.

Enriched personality

The international schools in Mexico celebrate differences in personality and culture. This helps children become more emotionally mature and tolerant of their peers.

Interacting with other students through language and cultural barriers offer a challenge that will help your student grow. They’ll become more confident and independent as they learn how to navigate these interactions successfully.

More extracurricular options

Kids playing soccer -- international schools in Mexico

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One of the most significant benefits of international schools in Mexico is the extracurricular opportunities.

With high-quality extracurriculars, students get to discover new skills and passions and develop their talents. These activities foster teamwork, creativity, and other positive traits. Your student will also form close friendships with their peers while they work together on projects outside the classroom.

Extracurriculars give your child a positive outlet for their energy and creativity. They can even help children discover what they want to do when they grow up. Because international schools are so culturally focused, they tend to offer more diverse and exciting activities than other schools do.

Better future opportunities

The top reason to choose an international school in Mexico is the leading career choices your student will have once they graduate.

Today’s businesses are more globally connected than ever before. Most industries and most employers search for candidates who have experience working with different cultures and different languages since their employees or customers might span the globe. A student who attended an international school can quickly become their first choice.

Bilingualism and multilingualism are skills that all kinds of different industries need. The more languages someone speaks, the better. International students can conduct business that monolingual people aren’t able to do.

International schools also help their students become more confident, cooperative, and creative, which are all traits that hiring managers look for.

The best international schools in Mexico City

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It’s not hard to see why international schools are an excellent choice for a mobile family with high educational priorities. But which Mexico international school should you choose? Let’s take a look at some of the top options in the country – starting with Mexico City.

American School Foundation (ASF)

Mexico City’s oldest international school is also the world’s oldest overseas American School. Here, classes are in both English and Spanish from preschool to the 12th grade.

Every student is expected to be bilingual by the time they graduate. Graduating students get Mexican, American, and International Baccalaureate (IB) diplomas.

Greengates School

This British international school has been in Mexico City since 1951. The curriculum here is English, and its students mostly come from Mexico City’s vast community of business people and diplomats. When students graduate, they’ve been prepped for the SCT and ACTs and for their IB diploma.

Edron Academy

This IB school teaches in English and follows the English National Curriculum. Students can get their educations here from preschool through graduation, and can also get their Mexican diplomas upon graduating.

Westhill Institute

This school’s three campuses teach students from preschool to graduation from high school. The offerings include a U.S. program, IB program, and international program.

Eton School

Since 1971, this nonprofit private school has offered multicultural and bilingual education. Its offerings cover early childhood education, as well as elementary, middle, and high school. Students can graduate with an IB diploma.

John F. Kennedy: The American School of Queretaro

This is an English-language school but offers an education that’s bicultural and bilingual. It follows an American educational system and has an IB program.

Peterson Schools

Students can benefit from the IB program at this nonprofit private international school.

The Wingate School

This British International school strongly instills positive values in its students in a creative, warm educational environment.

Other Mexico international schools to consider

If you’re doing business somewhere other than Mexico City, you still have plenty of choices. Here are a few top schools in different Mexican cities.

Colegio Americano de Torreón (CAT)

Your student will get a bicultural, bilingual education from kindergarten to high school here. This international day school in Coahuila is private and non-denominational. When students graduate, they’ll have both a Mexican Bachillerato diploma and an American diploma.

The American School Foundation of Guadalajara

The Guadalajara American School location offers the same high-quality, time-tested education that the Mexico City location is known for. Here, students can also take their classes in Spanish and English from preschool till 12th grade. The graduates are typically bilingual, and the school has the IB program.

You’ll also find American School locations in Monterrey, Puerto Vallarta, and Tampico.

Lincoln School

An international education from a Christian perspective is offered at this school in Guadalajara.

Pan American School

The Pan American Schools in Monterrey and San Pedro teach students in English and Spanish, using an international curriculum.

Instituto San Roberto

Also in Monterrey, this school offers two campuses, bilingual courses, and international accreditation.

Cardinal School

If your family is in Nuevo León, consider this coeducational international school.

Fundación Colegio Americano de Puebla

Puebla features this prestigious international school with courses for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. The IB program is offered here, as well as the local Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla (BUAP).

Setting Your Student Up for Success

All children need an education of some sort. The hard part is knowing which one is best.

Luckily, the many excellent international schools in Mexico make the choice easy. You can choose from a variety of different schools, but all of them offer a unique education that local schools aren’t likely to have. Your student will be much more than bilingual – they’ll gain the cultural experience, sensitivity, and skills that will help them grow into successful, worldly adults.

Wishing you had your own international school experience to help you understand cultural differences? Don’t worry – we can help. Check out our guide to cultural differences and business in Mexico here.


Featured image: CC0, by ernestoeslava, via Pixabay

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