Ready for a beautiful vacation in a fabulous paradise? Huatulco Mexico is the place for you! Nestled in Oaxaca, Mexico and surrounded by trees of all types, Huatulco Mexico is full of wildlife, incredible views, and epic adventure. Your next big adventure is ready for you - are you ready for it?

Huatulco Mexico means “worshipper of trees,” and you won’t wonder why once you get there! The environment features beaches, hills, trees, and views galore. When you arrive in Huatulco, you will be greeted with mahogany, cedar, and cashew trees, and the surrounding area includes the foothills of the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains as well as multiple beaches and caves. Near Huatulco Mexico, there is access to 36 separate beaches! Whatever your interests, you will always have plenty to do in and around Huatulco Mexico!

Huatulco Mexico | Your Adventure Awaits

Where is Huatulco Mexico?

Huatulco Mexico is hidden away in the glorious foothills of the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains in southern Mexico. Huatulco Mexico is a small town in Oaxaca, a Mexican state.

Huatulco Mexico is about 425 miles southeast of Acapulco, right in the sweet spot between the beach and the mountains. It is right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean!

What is the History of Huatulco Mexico?

Huatulco Mexico used to be a traditional fishing village, but it has recently been transformed into a fabulous tourist destination! Resorts, restaurants, and tour companies have been developing at an astounding rate without destroying or changing any of the fabulous views or traditional culture that made tourists want to visit Huatulco in the first place!

How Many People Visit Huatulco Mexico Each Year?

Every year, over 300,000 people visit Huatulco Mexico! Choose your visiting time carefully, be clear about your expectations, and you will have a phenomenal visit no matter what time of year you choose and regardless of your fellow tourist visitors!

Why Visit Huatulco?

What Can You Do In Huatulco Mexico?

Huatulco Mexico is chock full of all variety of activities and leisure opportunities! While you are in Huatulco, you can swim, snorkel, hike, bird watch, and more! Tour groups and independent tour guides will be thrilled to show off the fantastic town and surrounding areas. Whether you are looking for a cultural experience and learning, a relaxing day at the beach with a drink in your hand, or an adventurous and heart-pounding experience of a lifetime, Huatulco Mexico will give you so much to do you won’t know where to start!

When Is the Best Time to Visit Huatulco?

The best months to visit Huatulco are between October and February. These days will be sunny, dry, bright, and beautiful, with temperatures in the 70s throughout the day. If you visit in March through September, the humidity will be much higher, as will the temperature. It will also probably rain every day! The wettest month of the year in Huatulco is September, so October’s flowers will be in full beautiful bloom without the overwhelming moisture. If you are planning to visit Huatulco in order to avoid the rain, try to plan your visit during the dry season!

The crowds will be the biggest between December and April, so if you’re not looking for a vacation full of other tourists, consider visiting earlier in the season. However, unlike other more popular and longstanding Mexican resort towns, Huatulco will not be as overridden with other people no matter what time of year you visit!

Also, be aware that in November, thousands of people come to Huatulco to compete in the Huatulco World Cup Triathlon, so beware of the athletic crowds! Also, April features an educational and entertaining Arts and Crafts Fair, and May has the Music Festival for the Earth to spread awareness about environmental protection through music, fun, and festivities.

What Are the Top 5 Things to See in Huatulco?

Go On a Plantation Tour

Near Huatulco Mexico is a beautiful colonial village complete with an organic coffee plantation. Plenty of tour guides and tour companies offer complete full-day tours of the coffee plantation as well as the surrounding areas.

Your visit to the Finca La Gloria coffee plantation will take you through the process of coffee making, and you will also enjoy a home-cooked lunch while relaxing in the gorgeous surrounding environment. Finca La Gloria has been in operation for over 100 years and not only will you learn about coffee and enjoy the famous organic blend, but you will also feel like a member of the La Gloria family.

Along with most tours in Huatulco, you will also get a tour of Magic Falls, a fantastic waterfall in Oaxaca. The tour will also take you through the nearby village of Xadana, where the society has not changed much in the 400 years the village has been around. There is a wonderful antique old church in Xadana. Next up, you’ll visit Las Cascadas Magicas de Copalitilla, famous for waterfalls, views, lagoons, and unique waterfall massages!

Snorkel in Huatulco Mexico’s Huatulco Bay

Even if you’ve never snorkeled before, your underwater experience in Huatulco Bay will amaze and astound you! The beaches of Huatulco Bay are clean and the water is clear, so include some active snorkeling with your lying and relaxing on the beach!

As you swim easily through the clear Mexican waters, you will see starfish, goldfish, globefish, and all varieties of coral reefs. Even when you leave the underwater universe behind, you will still be amazed by the environment and scenery of the beaches and bays.

Take a City Tour of Huatulco

Wherever you are staying in relation to Huatulco, a visit and tour through the city is a must-see! On the town tour, you will visit an artisan workshop featuring local artists who use wooden looms to create rugs, carpets, clothing, and hammocks. There are also plenty of silver and wood crafts, black pottery, and other pieces featuring Oaxaca, its traditions, and its classic culture. Even if you don’t buy anything, it will be an incredible experience just to see how the local inhabitants live, work, and play.

Your village tour won’t end with looking at carpets, though! A visit to Huatulco wouldn’t be complete without food and drink! Mezcal, the traditional Oaxaca liquor, is made in Huatulco in over 25 different varieties - sample, buy, and enjoy this excellent spirit! Chocolate is also a favorite Huatulco dish, and make sure you don’t miss out on the chili and salt-covered grasshoppers!

Huatulco is primarily a devout Catholic town, and its downtown features multiple dedications to the famed Virgin of Guadalupe. The cathedral dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe will astound you, as will the rooftop painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe in downtown. Another famous painting in Huatulco is the Jose del Signo classic featuring Spanish as well as pre-Hispanic culture and religious symbolism.

After you’ve finished your tour of the town shops and religious features, take some time to enjoy the best views of the town! The Santa Cruz Bay is incredible, as is the view of the Tangolunda Bay (the resort area of Oaxaca). Make sure you add these views to your must-sees of Huatulco!

Take an ATV Tour

There are so many ways to experience Huatulco Mexico, and you will love every single one of them! Experience the town and its surroundings by sea, by air, and by land - on ATVs! Your ATV tour will likely take you along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, along clean and sandy beaches, and through the many bays of Huatulco, ending at San Agustin ATV Bay.

The biggest highlight of any ATV tour of and around Huatulco is the view you’ll get of the mountains and the beach. As you finish the tour at the beach, take some time to splash in the cool clear water and witness the incredible coral reefs from above or below the water of the ocean.

Quad bike tours might also take you around natural waterfalls, so hunt around for the perfect ATV tour guide and tour map for you and your group! Make a list of your top to-see elements and make your ATV tour the best part of your vacation!

Visit Zona De Aventura Extrema

Zona De Aventura Extrema offers a plethora of activities that will get your heart pumping! Go rappelling on the nearby mountains, go whitewater rafting, and go zip lining! Your whole family will love the adventure that Zona De Aventura Extrema and its trained safety guides will provide for you! Not only will you be safe and secure on your enthralling outing, but you’ll also have the time of your life with all the magical views of your wildest dreams!


While it is not as well known as other Mexican beach and resort towns, Huatulco Mexico is one of the most fabulous places to vacation, adventure, and visit. Huatulco has it all: adventure, beauty, food, culture, and some of the most welcoming people you’ll ever meet. Huatulco is waiting for you: when will you begin your incredible Mexican adventure?

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