Depending on how well you plan, getting around in Mexico can be a breeze. It can also be quite the storm if you are unprepared. Simple awareness of the best and safest bus services, metro system, and domestic flights in Mexico you will save time, money and earn peace of mind.

Whether attending business meetings, checking up on production facilities, or assessing the value of real estate or other potential investments, getting around in Mexico involves many different methods. It’s essential that you do your research before you travel to any country and luckily, we have done all of that for you.

Visiting Mexico

There are countless reasons for visiting Mexico. From the ethnic cuisine, music, and friendly natives to ancient pyramids and ruins. Mexico is a country that is ripe with exciting indigenous culture. The wildlife is as exotic as the landscapes of desert, jungle, and beautiful coasts. Money also goes much further than in the US or Canada, which is a huge plus. Medical tourism is also massive. Hence, there is indeed something for everyone in Mexico.

However, aside from the usual attractions that draw millions of tourists to Mexico each year, there are much more lucrative reasons for visiting and getting around in Mexico. Many Americans have taken an interest in the Mexican economy over the past couple of decades. Including buying, selling, manufacturing, tourism and more. If you are a business owner or a potential business owner, this article will help you to learn the best methods of safely and efficiently getting around in Mexico.

Getting Around in Mexico

Whether you are taking a business trip or you’re planning on relocating, knowing the best methods of getting around in Mexico is crucial. From airlines to bus services, being as informed as possible is the key to effectively planning your visit.

The following are a few of the most preferred methods of getting around in Mexico:

Domestic flights in Mexico

Affordable airlines make getting around in Mexico pretty convenient. Whether visiting relatives or commuting to business meetings, domestic flights in Mexico are an affordable option. If you’d like, you can travel with Aeromexico, the number one Airline in Mexico. Aeromexico offers more domestic and international flights than most airlines. They also added a nifty option allowing customers to bid on upgrading seating to first class when there is the room available, which is a boon to many business travelers on a budget.

Interjet is another excellent airline that offers over 30 domestic destinations in Mexico. They also fly to a dozen international airports as well. A unique feature that Interjet provides is cameras broadcasting the takeoff and landing for passengers to view from their seats.

VivaAerobus services over two dozen domestic destinations as well as a small handful of international airports. Additionally, VivaAerobus is one of the most economically friendly airlines operating in Mexico. Ryanair is its European counterpart.

Volaris is another great option. With over 30 destinations in Mexico, Volaris is the second biggest airline operating out of New Mexico. Furthermore, they fly to a number of US cities as well as being one of the cheaper airlines for getting around in Mexico.

Finally, you can take TAR Aerolineas. One of the newer airlines offering domestic flights in Mexico, they’ve been in business since 2014. TAR Aerolineas provides service to southeast Mexico and several less traveled destinations.

Mexican bus services

A Cancun bus service helping travelers getting around in Mexico.

Image CC0, By casgraphic, Via Pixabay

The most affordable method for getting around in Mexico is by far bus services. Most buses travel through the entirety of Mexico, as well as venturing into the Southern US states such as Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Georgia. This means no matter what business you are attending to, you can likely get there.

Many bus services offer Wifi, TV, power outlets, onboard restrooms, reclining seats, even extra leg room and complimentary food and beverages. You’ll be extra comfortable while conducting business and getting around in Mexico on these luxury coaches. Not all buses or bus lines are that modern, so make sure you do your homework.

Bus stations are located all throughout Mexico. The largest stations are located in Guadalajara, Mexico City, Tulum, Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido, and San Cristobal de Las Casas. Hence, wherever you need to go, bus services are excellent for getting around in Mexico.

Tips for traveling by bus in Mexico:

  • Use, a highly recommended site for procuring tickets for Mexican bus services
  • Arrive at the bus station early to ensure that you get a seat
  • Keep a watchful eye on your personal belongings
  • Bring a blanket or sweater due to bus services in Mexico being known for blasting the AC
  • Pack light as most bus services allow one checked back and one or two carry on items only

Major bus services include Autovias, La Linea, ETN and Turistar LujoGrupo AERS, Omnibus de MexicoGrupo Send, Primera Plus and, finally, Vallarta Plus.

Mexico City metro system

Passengers getting around in Mexico city on the metro system.

Image CC0, By Free-Photos, Via Pixabay

The metro system in Mexico City, the country’s capital, sees over a billion and a half visitors annually. Furthermore, it is one of the best ways of getting around in Mexico City. There are 12 lines which service the 195 stations in the metro system. Also, 24 of the stations are for transferring lines.

At the low price of five pesos per ticket (approximately 25 cents USD), it is needless to say that the Mexico City metro system is prevalent with travelers. Paper tickets are available via automated machines and ticket booths as well as reusable pre-pay swipe cards. The swipe cards are an extra one time fee of 10 pesos (approximately 50 cents USD) and can be topped up to 120 pesos (about 6 USD) at a time. Consequently, we recommend you add at least 20 pesos (approximately 1 USD) worth at a time to make the card worthwhile.

Mexico City metro lines include:

  • Pink line services Observatorio and Pantitlán
  • Blue line services Cuatro Caminos and Tasqueña
  • Olive line services Indios Verdes and Universidad
  • Light blue line services Martín Carrera and Santa Anita
  • Yellow line services Politécnico and Pantitlán
  • Red line services El Rosario Martín and Carrera
  • Orange line services El Rosario and Barranca del Muerto
  • Green line services Garibaldi and Constitución de 1917
  • Brown line services Tacubaya and Pantitlán
  • Purple line services Pantitlán and La Paz
  • Grey/green line services Ciudad Azteca and Buenavista
  • Gold line services Mixcoac and Tláhuac

Hitting The Road in Mexico

Getting around in Mexico using your vehicle, or rental car can be a huge benefit. There is the freedom of stopping and starting wherever and whenever you choose to do so, yet, there is also the chance of getting lost and turned around. Not to mention the regular road hazards, insurance needs, and possible scams out there. However, if you are aware of the rules and laws of the road this is a great way to go.

Roadmaps, GPS, and a good sense of direction are a must if you choose to hit the road in Mexico. Especially when getting around in Mexico for business, time is money, you don’t want to get lost and spend hours driving in the wrong direction. Thankfully, just about anywhere you may be headed in Mexico, there are those who have gone before you. As a result, the chances are that they have created a Mexico road log for you to follow.

What is a Mexico road log?

Getting around in Mexico is much easier when you have a road map containing all the local attractions.

Image CC0, By cocoparisienne, Via Pixabay

So, you have a roadmap, which is excellent. You also have a GPS, which is even better. But how about a Mexico road log? A road log is a detailed route that is made to use along with roadmaps and GPS. It not only keeps you on course but also lets you know what to expect along the way. It is a surefire way to make sure that when you are driving, you don’t get lost. Also, It will also make planning your trip a much more straightforward process.

Safety Tips for Getting Around in Mexico

Traveling always comes with risks, regardless of your destination. Whether you are on business, or you are living and traveling between regions in Mexico, adhering to some necessary procedures will help to ensure your safety.

Knowing the situation in regions that you will visit is critical to your safety. Ask around about current happenings in each new area that you visit. Check with your own state department or travel officials regarding travel warnings or dangerous areas. Also, avoid paying fees on the spot. Wait until you get back home and contact officials. There are corrupt officials and scam artists trying to extort tourists.

Intelligent travelers have an escape plan at all times. You never know what can happen, being prepared can save your life. Hide your personal belongings and consider wearing a money belt hidden under your clothes. Furthermore, don’t remove money from the belt in public.

Finally, you need to beware of those who are too friendly. It is easy for a professional con artist and their affiliate(s) to pickpocket you. Stay especially alert near the northern border, where violent crime is more common. Don’t forget to share travel details with family, so that in case anything happens, so that they can give that information in a worst-case scenario.

Most of all, make sure to enjoy yourself and have an excellent time getting around in Mexico!


Featured image CC0, By Osckar, Via Pixabay

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