Located just over 52 miles from Mexico City, Cuernavaca is a unique and beautiful city where you can find tranquility and enjoy the pleasure of being surrounded by nature. All of this is added to a quality of life hard to find anywhere else. These days, it ranks seventh among the cities in Mexico with the highest Human Development Index (HDI) nationwide; that is, its inhabitants can enjoy a long and healthy life, with a good education and a very satisfying standard of living.

The greatest attraction of this town, known as the City of Eternal Spring, is its warm and semi-humid climate that can be thoroughly enjoyed throughout the year; with an average temperature of 70 degrees, as well as clear skies perfect for sunbathing, swimming or practicing extreme sports without having to remember whether it is summer or winter.

This is a tourist destination enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike all 365 days every year. It not only receives visitors from abroad but every weekend it opens its arms wide to receive hundreds of Mexico City residents that arrive in the city, to spend a magical weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the big metropolis. This makes it one of the best destinations to consider purchasing a house that can be rented out every single week.

Another great advantage of living here is the proximity to other beautiful and exhilarating places, such as the ecological park of Las Estacas, the magical town of Taxco, known around the world for its silver pieces, and the unsurpassed port of Acapulco (only 180 miles away).

If you are interested in the real estate market, it offers excellent opportunities. Here, it is possible to find three-bedroom homes with a swimming pool at prices below $100,000. If you are looking to invest, Cuernavaca is an attractive place to retire or to own a vacation home in. If your base is in Mexico City, Cuernavaca is an excellent option to live, a town where your family can enjoy a great quality of life while you continue working in the capital city.

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A Beautiful and Enjoyable Place to Live

If you want to live in a city that allows you to be in touch with nature, a place where you can enjoy beautiful colonial architecture, take part in a wide variety of trade, always have a great selection of sports, recreation, and cultural activities, Cuernavaca can be the ideal place. When you move here, you find that the center of town holds a lot of longstanding buildings, many museums, beautiful gardens and parks, shopping centers, and many other places where you can have fun and relax.

A Modern City That Is Growing

This city not only stands out for its colonial haciendas, lush countryside, intricate churches, and archaeological zones, it also enjoys a modern infrastructure that provides you with a first-world quality of life. When searching for a home in Cuernavaca, remember that this city has been recorded on the list of cities with the highest growth and development in the country.

Good Weather and a Good Atmosphere

The climate in the state of Morelos, where Cuernavaca is located, is unparalleled. Mild temperatures throughout the year give you the opportunity to live outdoors as much as you please, constantly enjoying the sports and recreational activities you crave.

A Wide Range of Homes in All Price Ranges

If you are looking for a home here, you can select from many properties, be them houses, condominiums, apartments, studios, cottages or full-blown haciendas. Best of all, there are options that fit many budgets.

Business Opportunities and a Strong Economy

The economy of this city relies on different industries, such as tobacco, cement, and paper, as well as agriculture of mainly corn and sugar. Tourism and real estate also play an important role in the economic strength of this vital city.

Why Cuernavaca Attracts Foreigners

Mexicans and foreigners alike are fascinated by Cuernavaca. People from all walks of life and from a wide assortment of countries are drawn to this unique geographical destination by these three key qualities that make the location ideal for living and retirement:

Proximity to Mexico City

As the capital city of Mexico, Mexico City is the largest city in North America, and its sheer size and population make it only comparable with large cities like Tokyo, in Japan, or Moscow, in Russia. Also, it is one of the most extensive cities in the world. As such it is the main urban, social, political, academic, economic, touristic, artistic, business and cultural center of the Mexican nation, and has been the scene of many important events in the life and history of the nation. There lies the political power and is also the cradle of the rich and vast Mexican pre-Columbian history.

Living in this vast city is fulfilling but also has its drawbacks as far as traffic and all other attributes of a large city. If you live there, you definitely want to find the ideal escape for weekends and vacation, and Cuernavaca offers you that option.

Year-Round Temperate Climate

As mentioned above, Cuernavaca’s weather is like no other. Mild, balmy days allow you to be as active or as sedate as you please. Enjoy a margarita by your own swimming pool as you watch the sun go down or start the day by visiting natural wonders or playing a fast game of tennis. Everything is possible in this oasis of peaceful living.

An Abundance of Modern Services and Amenities

When here, you never feel that something is missing because everything you need and everything you dream of is right at your fingertips.  Here is just a small sample of the many amenities you might enjoy while living in or visiting:

Jardin Borda Museum

Jardin Borda Museum

Located near the central cathedral, the Jardin Borda Museum lies in what used to be a mansion converted and owned by the Borda family. It houses seven rooms where visitors enjoy temporary exhibitions of painting, sculpture, plastic arts and photography, as well as dance, theater and concert performances.



The best time of the year to visit this small town by Cuernavaca is during the first days in November when the whole town is involved in the celebration of the Day of the Dead.

Silver and Arts and Crafts Market

Silver and Arts and Crafts Market

From the simplest souvenirs to the most elaborate handicrafts to give a unique touch to your home, you can browse the marvelous array of crafts. From ceramics to wood, rugs to paintings, there is always something new to discover and enjoy.


Known as "The House of the Devil", Teopanzolco owes its fame to the human sacrifices that were made there. Its rectangular pyramidal structures evoke the moments when Gods like Huitzilopochtli and Tlaloc were worshiped, in contrast to the metropolitan area of Cuernavaca. Nezahualcoyotl described it as a fertile, flourishing, bright place with flowers spaced around like a rainbow.

Palace of Cortes

The oldest building preserved in Mexico, this palace dates from the time of the Conquest by Hernan Cortes in the year 1521. It was built in what was the Grand Tlahuica Palace of the ancient settlers of the city of Cuauhnáhuac. It was a public building between 1630 and 1635 and also converted into a jail from 1747 to 1821. It currently houses the Cuauhnáhuac Regional Museum.

Fine Restaurants

This city is renowned for its many fine restaurants offering Mexican and international cuisine; some of them are housed inside old colonial residences and haciendas, offering good food surrounded by attractive gardens and colonial atmosphere. Dare to try all the local dishes and learn to enjoy the best that Mexican cuisine has to offer.


How Does Cuernavaca Support Its Foreign Population?

Cuernavaca has one of the largest concentrations of expats living in Mexico. Again, its proximity to the capital may be credited with the reason so many expats live here, particularly those who have fallen in love with the capital and enjoy being close to it (if not living there, proper). Due to this cluster of foreigners which have moved to Cuernavaca over the years, the expat community is extremely well-served by a network of English-speaking doctors, real-estate agents, and service businesses.



Cuernavaca is not Mexico’s most picturesque nor most quaint colonial city. But for those who want to live in an authentic Mexican city with a temperate climate, perfectly located to explore the rich history and heritage of southern colonial Mexico, offering an extensive range of modern-day services and amenities, or want to (or have to) be close to Mexico City without living in the capital proper, this city needs to be on the short list of locations for serious consideration. Move to Cuernavaca and be prepared to receive the warm hospitality for which this lovely city is known for.


Cuernavaca is ideal for retirement or as a location for a vacation home. If you buy a vacation home there, you will have no problem renting the property during the rest of the year, as Cuernavaca's long list of benefits attracts travelers, both local and international, year-round.

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