If you’re looking for a great vacation spot with a vivid history and great landmarks, then Chihuahua Mexico is the place for you. It isn’t normally a destination spot when tourists visit Mexico, but you won’t regret taking an adventure in this historic, beautiful state.

Chihuahua Mexico | Your Adventure Awaits

Chihuahua Mexico


Chihuahua Mexico is a vast land of history, culture, and nature that will always tell a story. It is home to the world’s largest canyon system, the Barrancas del Cobre, a large desert and many waterfalls that can satisfy your exploring and hiking needs. There are many restaurants to try and many bars to hop in the evenings.

It’s also the vacation for the history buff if you want to learn as much as you can about the Mexican state. It’s also for the art historian, as many of the historic buildings in Chihuahua Mexico display original art pieces and artifacts. It’s also perfect if you want to experience another part of the beautiful country of Mexico. A great adventure is waiting for you.

Why Visit Chihuahua?

Chihuahua Mexico is a great place to visit because it not only gives you beautiful scenery for your vacation, but it can and will provide a great history lesson. From Miguel Hidalgo and the Mexican War of Independence to Mexican Revolutionary Francisco “Pancho” Villa, the many museums and historic buildings help to display the culture of not just Chihuahua Mexico, but the country itself.

What Are the Top 10 Things to Do in Chihuahua?

1. Ride the El Chepe Train

Taking a ride through Chihuahua Mexico via El Chepe will allow you to see the beautiful landscape of the state, such as the Barrancas del Cobre—the Copper Canyon—another big attraction in Chihuahua, Mexico. The train ride starts at Los Mochis in Sinaloa, and a primera express (first class) ticket enables you to visit various stops and soak in the surroundings, and also gives you access to a restaurant, bar and reclining seats. The clase economica includes a small snack bar and food from vendors; the ride lasts two extra hours.

2. Valle de los Monjes

The Barrancas del Cobre (Copper Canyon) is possibly the most famous landmark in Chihuahua Mexico and brings in many tourists year round. One of the best attractions in the canyon is the Valle de los Monjes—also known as the Valley of the Monks. It has large, natural sculptures created from strong winds, rain, and sun that stand at 197 ft. tall. The name Valley of the Monks comes from the appearance of the sculptures resembling monks. While visiting Chihuahua, Mexico, it’s a great place to visit without having to spend money.

3. Cumbres de Majalca National Park

Cumbres de Majalca National Park


North of Chihuahua Mexico is the Cumbres de Majalca National Park. It is best known for the rock formations that were created by wind and rainwater. There are black bears and other endangered animals living in this region, and it is a great place to go hiking. There is an area set out for camping as well, known as the Canyon of the Fairies, which has toilets. Cost of entry to the park is $4.00 USD per vehicle and $4.00 USD per night for camping.

4. Outdoor Adventures: Dunas de Samalayuca, Cascadas de Cusares, and Basaseachi and Lake Arareko

Dunas de Samalayuca


If you’re into adventure sports, then a great place in Chihuahua Mexico for you is the desert of Dunas de Samalayuca. Chihuahua Mexico is a vast desert area, and there are plenty of dunes to explore. You can go sand boarding, ride ATVs, and do motocross.

Chihuahua Mexico has the two largest waterfalls in Mexico: the Piedra Volada and the Cascada Basaseachi. Piedra Volada is not easy to get to and you can only reach it by foot. However, Cascada Basaseachi is easier to get to, but it is a few hours outside of Creel. It is the smaller of the two, but it is worth the view. Chihuahua, Mexico has many options for viewing nature.

Lake Arareko in Chihuahua Mexico is a U-shaped lago (lake) in the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountain rage, not too far from the Cascadas de Cusarares. It is surrounded by pine trees, and it is a great place to go rowing and horseback riding. Like the waterfalls, it is a relaxing place to visit for free if you’re looking to just explore nature and soak in the sun.

5. Grutas Nombre de Dios and the Grutas de Coyame

Chihuahua Mexico is home to many cave systems that are great for exploring. Grutas Nombre de Dios, or God Caves, and the Grutas de Coyame, or Coyame Caves, are two of the most famous sets for tourists. Both caves take about an hour to explore thoroughly. Grutas Nombre de Dios is filled with 17 rooms of stalagmites and stalactites whereas Grutas de Coyame is known for fossils. They are located 15 minutes from downtown Chihuahua Mexico, and the cost is $2.52USD.

6.Quinta Gameros Cultural Center

Quinta Gameros Cultural Center


A beautiful landmark of Chihuahua Mexico is the Quinta Gameras Cultural Center. Construction of Quinta Gameros began in 1907 for Manuel Gameros. The building was set to be a gift to his fiancée, Elisa Muller. Sadly, Elisa passed away before its completion in 1910.

Julio Corredor, the Colombian architect who built Gameros, used the building as a prison, hospital and the residence of Venustiano Carranzo. Nowadays, the building is a cultural landmark of art exhibits and concerts. Each room is different from the next, making them their own art pieces in the historic state. It’s another great feature of Chihuahua Mexico that adds to its cultural significance. The cost in US dollars is only $1.36 per adult and $0.51 for children ages 10 and younger.

7. Casa Chihuahua Museum

In downtown Chihuahua Mexico sits Casa Chihuahua Museum, a historic neoclassical building that shows off the history of the city as well as its heritage. It hosts concerts, plays, workshops, and exhibitions. Previously, the building was a hospital, monastery and also a post office. It now offers an in-depth history of Chihuahua Mexico, as well as history on Mormons, the Tarahumara people, and the Mennonites. It houses a gallery of the Calaboz de Hidalgo, the dungeon that held Miguel Hidalgo before his execution.

It’s a great way to learn about Chihuahua Mexico and will give you a great learning experience with beautiful scenery. The cost is only $2.53 USD and there is live music every Thursday afternoon.

8. Museo de Hidalgo and Palacio de Gobierno

Miguel Hidalgo was a priest and leader of the Mexican War of Independence, and inside the Palacio de Gobierno in Chihuahua Mexico is the Museo of Hidalgo. It is an exhibit with displays of replicas of his personal items as well as period pieces. The dungeon he was imprisoned in is inside the Casa Chihuahua Museum. It is yet another great place to visit and learn about the culture and history of Chihuahua, Mexico. The Palacio de Gobierno itself is a great visit. It is a government building with murals from Aaron Pina Mora that display the state’s rich history.

9. Museo Casa de Villa

Museo Casa de Villa


Go inside of Pancho Villa’s mansion for an interesting historical trip down Chihuahua Mexico’s unbelievable crime history. The mansion has 48 rooms to explore, and it houses many of his personal artifacts. There are several photographs on display, and in the courtyard sits the black Dodge Villa he was murdered in. His legal spouse, Quinta Luz, opened the mansion to the public as a museum, and the army later acquired it after her death. There are more Mexican artifacts in the museum such as newspaper articles and weapons.

10. Eat at La Casa de los Milagros and Plaza del Mariachi, But Drink at La Roca

Another landmark in Chihuahua Mexico attached to Pancho Villa, La Casa de los Milagros is an upscale restaurant in a 110-year-old mansion. It is rumored that Pancho Villa and his entourage dined here frequently. It has an open courtyard and cozy little rooms throughout. The menu is, of course, typical Mexican plates, and on Thursdays-Saturdays, you can experience live music in the evenings.

Plaza del Mariachi is set in a colonial-style building in Chihuahua Mexico, and it is described as an upscale food court. It houses eight restaurants that serve Mexican-style food, steak, and seafood. A mist is sprayed in the courtyard to keep diners cool and there are mariachis strolling through for entertainment Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Each restaurant also doubles as a bar in the evenings.

La Roca is a fun bar in Chihuahua Mexico that hosts a more fun crowd than some of the upscale places. Patrons can share buckets of beer while staring at the ceiling where milk pails, chairs, bugles, etc. hang from the top.


When people are thinking of vacationing in Mexico, Chihuahua Mexico isn’t usually at the top of their list. It isn’t a resort or a cruise ship that will take you to the fun parts of the city. However, it is a great place to explore and learn. The beauty of the state sets it aside from other states, and its history will leave you craving more knowledge of such a great place.

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