With a territory of almost 2 million square kilometers, and a diverse geography, traveling through the country by air is a better alternative than doing it by land, where a journey by car can take you many hours or even complete days.

In Mexico you will find a wide range of national and international airlines operating, and here we will tell you which one is the most appropriate choice for the kind of trip you intend to make.

Mexico has a good airport infrastructure that covers almost the entire territory and connects both, the main cities to do business such as Monterrey or Guadalajara, as well as the tourist beaches of Zihuatanejo or the colorful colonial towns such as San Miguel de Allende.


Although there are now a greater number of international airports in the Mexican territory and the network of connections offers multiple direct flights among them, the airport of Mexico City is still the main Hub that connects the flights to Mexico from abroad above all others.

Since this airport is the largest and with the largest number of flights in the country, it has currently fallen short in its capacity and the construction of a new airport is expected in the short term, which is expected to be one of the largest and most modern in the world, and will have all the technology and capacity to position it as one of the most important infrastructure investment in the country in recent years.

The airport in Cancun, second in the country by its number of operations, and the one in Monterrey that is positioned as one of the most important industrial centers, are just two examples of modern airports that besides having all the amenities, they  also offer international connections with the main airlines such as Delta Airlines, United, American Airlines, KLM or Lufthansa.

In the airports of smaller cities, although commercial flights are not offered, there are all the facilities and conditions for the operation of charter and private flights.

In addition to the technical conditions for the operation of flights, these airports have adequate facilities for the comfort of travelers, for example:

Shops, Bars and Restaurants

As in most airports around the world, you will find a wide selection of shops, bars and restaurants while waiting for your flight. In the larger terminals you will find important franchises, from Starbucks coffee shops, to gourmet options with relaxation or business environments. You will also find in the international departures halls Duty Free stores.

Executive Lounges and VIP Lounges

Many terminals have different waiting lounges for frequent passengers or those who travel in first class or who belong to exclusive memberships. In smaller terminals with fewer options, some gate areas are shared by two or more airlines or signatures and may have limited service hours. Before traveling make sure that your arrival or departure airport has one of these lounge rooms.

Internet Access

Most airports offer free internet access via Wi-Fi, some have stands where you can buy access to internet and in most lounge rooms the access has no cost.

Banks, ATMs and Money Exchange

It´s easy to find ATMs at almost any airport where you can have cash through credit or debit cards. Some have bank branches and most will find currency exchange bureaus. The latter only operate during office hours, so if your arrival or departure flight is outside of these hours please take the necessary precautions.


Most airports have stands for ‘authorized’ taxis at the same airport. This is for safety and to protect the traveler, although their rates are slightly higher than street taxis, these authorized taxis usually offer a more secure and comfortable service. Companies like Uber, Cabify or Lyft do not operate in all cities and generally do not have permission to operate in areas near airports.

Car Rental

Most of the terminals have car rental offices, in the smaller airports there are fewer options so the offer may be limited. It is recommended to make your reservations in advance to ensure that the unit you want is available.

Public Transportation

In Mexico City´s airport, you will find different options of public transportation. From a subway stations, bus stations inside the airport to options to go to nearby cities such as Puebla, Toluca or Queretaro. At the Cancun airport you can use shared shuttles to take you to the hotel zone or buses that take you to the City of Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum. In other airports, such as Monterrey, there are no public transportation options other than taxis. It is recommended to inquire about the existing transportation options after your arrival at the airport.


The main Mexican airlines, Aeromexico and Interjet have routes that connect the most important country destinations and offer flights to Mexico from abroad. Other low-cost lines such as Volaris and Viva Aerobus also connect some important points but their selective rates (meaning, they do not include food, checked baggage, priority boarding or assigned seat) that allow them offering lower rates, since these services can be purchased for separated.

There are other regional airlines such as Tar, Aeromar or Mayair that only cover one region of the country and its fleet consists of smaller airplanes.

Executive or private aviation is another option that has grown and matured in the Mexican market, although the operations of this type of aviation are not always done from the airports of commercial flights and operate in smaller airports that do not have all the facilities for the passenger, such as public transportation, restaurants or other types of services. It is recommended to consult with your private operator to know the specifications of your destination airport.


Interjet, Aeromexico and the rest of the companies have a network of offices and ticket sales in different cities, in addition to the ticket sales stands inside the airports, however the best option to find the best rates is still through the airlines’ websites themselves or through specialized sites such as Expedia Mexico, for example.

The tips to ensure better rates, choose the best airline and get the best experience are:

Planning with enough time your trip, it is not a secret that the more you advance your reservation, the better rate you will get, you can also find flights to México on Interjet USA and Expedia Mexico.

Direct Flight: Find out if any of the large, low-cost or regional airlines offer a direct flight to your destination. In addition to the time spent waiting between connections and the risks taken on handling your luggage during transfers, a direct flight is always more efficient than flights with multiple connections.

Flexibility: If your final destination requires a connection with a regional line, it is worth considering making the last stretch of your journey via bus. The system of transport by bus between cities is very efficient in Mexico. There are luxury bus lines with bed type seats and with services comparable to first class cabins on airplanes. Some even have options that offer snacks and drinks on board. For more details of these options, consult our section of Traveling by Bus in Mexico.

(Visite esta publicación: Las Mejores Lineas Aéreas Para Viajar a Mexico No Son Las Que Estas Pensando para la versión en español de este artículo).

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